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Bearded Tings Beard Butter

Bearded Tings Beard Butter

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This beard butter is hand mixed and contains all natural ingredients. Use this butter on your beard to maintain moisture, keep beard soft, and full. For more sensitive skins use the unscented butter that contains zero essential oils. To treat skins that are itchy, acne prone, and dry, Peppamint Datty will be your go-to. Peppamint Datty contains an essential oil blend containing tea tree and other oils that will cater to those troublesome areas.


Rub butter together in hands until it is fully melted in palms (a little goes a long way.) Wash beard with shampoo/soap of your choice 2-3 per week and follow up with beard butter on damp beard. For everyday use, on non-shampoo days, simply damp beard and massage in butter.



Contains: african shea butter, organic coconut oil, raw & pure cocoa butter, and a Napturals oil blend.